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15 Gallon Turtle Habitat Now With Free Shipping

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Product Description

Tetrafauna 15 Gallon Turtle Starter Habitat

Setting up a new turtle habitat can be an overwhelming process but with the Tetrafauna 15 Gallon Turtle Starter Habitat, it doesn’t have to be! This fully comprehensive kit includes everything you need to start caring for your new turtle. The great thing about these kits is that everything that is included is designed to work in conjunction with each other. As a result, setting up and maintaining your turtle’s habitat is a breeze. This kit includes:

  • 15 gallon Tetrafauna tank
  • 15 gallon turtle tank screen cover
  • Tetrafauna turtle tank water filter – 90 gallons per hour
  • Turtle tank filter refill cartridge
  • Heat lamp
  • Dome lighting fixture
  • Heat/basking bulb
  • Tetrafauna turtle basking platform
  • Tetrafauna turtle food sample
  • Tetrafauna water conditioner sample
  • Zoo Med mini deep dome lighting fixture
  • Zoo Med ReptiSun 5.0 UVB
  • 13-watt Zoo Med bulb
  • Tetrafauna aquatic water heater
  • Innovative screen tops that enable convenient, one-handed operation
  • Built-in cord routing
  • Screen is padlock-compatible for easy locking

With this complete starter kit, you save valuable time and money. Feel free to contact our turtle team at MyTurtleStore.com if you have any questions about this product!