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B Grade Baby Florida Soft Shelled Turtle

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B Grade Turtles may have the following: shell imperfections, nipped tails, neck sore, soft shells, eye issues, missing nails ect. B Grade Turtles Come With No Warranty Or Guarantee The Florida Softshell Turtles (Apalone Ferox) currently for sale on our website, are turtles that well you guessed it, have soft shells. While in the wild Florida softshell turtles can be found in the many lakes, rivers and streams throughout states like South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and of course Florida. These are not really beginner turtles; they are more of an Intermediate Turtle. Softshell turtles for sale here or anywhere for that matter are normally not a very good community turtle either. They tend to do best in a tank with other softshell turtles. Preferred substrate is sand. When not basking softshell turtles like to lay buried in the sand with just their neck and head sticking out. Deep water is a must with Florida softshell turtles as they are fantastic swimmers with their aero dynamic bodies. Preferred water temperatures are in the mid 70s Fahrenheit. Basking temperatures should be kept in the mid to high 80s Fahrenheit. Unlike most aquatic water turtles, softshell turtles are mostly carnivores for their entire life. In their natural setting they eat fish, insects, insect larva, worms, crawfish and even large frogs. In captivity the Florida softshell turtles we sell, really seem to take to the shrimp pellets, small pieces of cut up fish and worms. However with that said you must remember to feed all your turtles a variety of different foods. Never feed just one type of food to your turtles on a regular basis. To learn more about Hatchling Florida Softshell Turtles or any other item that we have for sale, please Call us toll free at 1-800-277-9286 we have staff available Monday to Friday from 8am until 5 pm eastern time.