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B Grade Baby Peacock Slider Turtle

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B Grade Turtles may have the following: shell imperfections, nipped tails, neck sore, eye issues, missing nails ect. B Grade Turtles Come With No Warranty Or Guarantee The Peacock Slider Turtles (Trachemys emolli) we have for sale are some of the most ostentatiously adorned turtles on Earth. With its peacock like shell that boast colorful “eye” markings of yellow, green, orange and other vibrant hues, this turtle is bursting with color. Peacock Slider Turtles are not only beautiful but they also have great personalities and can quickly learn to eat from your hand. They are extremely hardy, active and strong little turtles, making them a perfect beginner turtle. Peacock Slider Turtles also known as Nicaraguan Slider Turtles originate from lakes, rivers and streams running from Nicaraguan to Costa Rica. Preferred water temperatures are mid-70s to low-80s degrees Fahrenheit. Basking temperatures should be kept between the high-80s and mid-90s degrees Fahrenheit. As with most aquatic water turtles peacock slider turtles are mostly carnivorous as hatchling turtles and become more herbivorous as they age. In the wild they enjoy eating vegetation, snails, tadpoles, small fish, crayfish, insects and insect larvae. In captivity they love being feed turtle pellets, green leaf lettuce, mustard greens, grass shrimp, freeze dried meal worms and the list goes on and on. However with that said you must remember to feed all your turtles a variety of different foods. Never feed just one type of food on a regular basis. To learn more about Hatchling Peacock Slider Turtles or any other item that we have for sale, please Call us toll free at 1-800-277-9286 we have staff available Monday to Friday from 8am until 5 pm eastern time.