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B Grade Baby Spiny Soft Shell Turtle

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Product Description

B Grade Turtles may have the following: shell imperfections, nipped tails, neck sore, eye issues, missing nails ect. B Grade Turtles Come With No Warranty Or Guarantee Soft Shell Turtles are very unique and you can probably guess why. Their shells actually are soft and are typically described as leathery and flat with flexible edges. Their unique color works as camouflage in their natural habitats since they like to bury themselves in sand and mud at the bottoms of rivers and lakes. They have snorkel-like nostrils and long necks that they use to breathe underwater! Soft Shell Turtles can actually grow to be pretty large when given the proper care. It’s important that you provide them with a nice habitat that mimics their natural surroundings, where they can bury themselves into some cool mud and stretch out their pretty brown necks to breathe. We’ve got everything you’ll need at MyTurtleStore.com to take care of your turtles. You can always call or email us with questions! To learn more about Hatchling Spiny Soft Shell Turtles or any other item that we have for sale, please Call us toll free at 1-800-277-9286 we have staff available Monday to Friday from 8am until 5 pm eastern time.