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B Grade Large Western Painted Turtle

Call for Availablity: 1-800-277-9286
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Product Description

B Grade Turtles may have the following: shell imperfections, nipped tails, neck sore, eye issues, missing nails ect. B Grade Turtles Come With No Warranty Or Guarantee Enjoy having the beautiful look of a Western Painted Turtle living in your pond! These exquisite turtles get their name from the intricate and ornate markings on their shells. Your Western Painted Turtles will spend their days swimming around and enjoying your pond. When they’re not swimming, this beautiful species will bask in the sun along the shore to warm their bodies and stay healthy. If you have a nice pond on your property and live in a warmer climate, the Western Painted Turtle is the perfect addition. If you have any questions about caring for a turtle living in your pond, just contact one of our experts at MyTurtleStore.com! These turtles are only available as males.