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Baby Florida Soft-Shell Turtles

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Product Description

Baby Florida Soft-Shell Turtles for sale, all born this year. Currently feeding on our premium baby turtle pellets, live earthworms and freeze dried deep ocean krill along with some chopped up fish one or two times a week. As this turtle grow larger you may want to feed it live feeder fish from your local fish store. Florida soft-shell turtles are a very cool little turtles with their shell less body that feels like wet leather. As with most turtles the Florida soft-shell can live more than 20 years. Soft-Shell turtles like a sandy substrate that they can hide under and feel safe in. did you know that the Florida Soft-Shell turtle is the largest soft-shell turtle in North America. They can be found from Florida up through Georgia and into the Carolinas. They go as far west as the state of Alabama. Clean filtered turtle tank water is a must when you have soft-shell turtles. Our customers say that a good product to keep on hand when you have these types of turtles is the nature zone fungus bath. When feeding our baby soft shell turtles, we have found that it is much easier on the turtle tank filter if we feed our turtles in a separate container from the one they live in. to do this simply remove the turtle from its habitat and place it in a small container of room temperature water, next add 3-6 turtle pellets directly into the bowl of water. Allow the turtle to eat for 10 to 20 minutes then return him to his habitat. Remember to always wash your hands and any containers that have come in contact with the turtle in warm soapy water. All of our turtles come with a 10-day health guarantee.

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