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Baby Hypo Snapping Turtles

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Product Description

The Hypo Snapping Turtle is an exquisitely-colored, stylish snapping turtle that is like no other species on the planet. Very rare and unique, the vibrant colors and patterns of the Hypo Snapping Turtles make them highly sought-after by turtle and tortoise keepers all over the world! They are a hardy species with a lot of personality to match their beautiful colors. A fascinating turtle, the Hypo Snapper is hardy in captivity when proper care and love is provided. Typically, their colorful carapace will grow to a length around 12 inches. They are highly aquatic creatures with big appetites. With proper care your Hypo Snapper will live for 40 years or more! Your Baby Hypo Snapping Turtle will give you a lifetime of enjoyment as you observe their beauty in the perfect habitat. As your Baby Hypo Snapping Turtle grows older, its colors will become more distinct and exquisite!

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