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  • Baby Ornate Central American Wood Turtle
  • Baby Central American Wood Turtle
  • Baby Wood Turtle
  • Hatchling Ornate Wood Turtle
  • Tiny Central American Wood Turtle

Baby Ornate Central American Wood Turtles

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Ornate Wood Turtles are native to southern Mexico and Central America. They are omnivorous and love turtle pellets but it’s also important that they get vegetation to supplement their diets which will change as they age. In their natural habitat they spend most of their time on land, in rainforests, near sources of fresh waters. Ornate Wood Turtles are nice beginner turtles because they are fairly easy to care for. They are shy, but friendly turtles and will require a large tank if you plan to keep them indoors. Their markings are beautiful, unique and vivid. They love the warmth and will spend a lot of their time basking in the hot sun so you can enjoy their beauty!

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