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  • Baby Pastel Red Ear Slider Turtle
  • Hatchling Pastel Red Ear Slider Turtle
  • Tiny Pastel Slider Turtle

Baby Pastel Red Ear Slider Turtles

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Product Description

Pastel Red Ear Sliders are gorgeous and unique turtles with varying colors and patterns. They require the same care as common Red Ear Sliders and have the same habits. Their carapaces and skin have less black markings and therefore are much brighter and more colorful than the common Red Ear Sliders. The Pastels love to bask, so it’s important that you give them a nice basking spot under both a light and heat source. Take a look at the turtle supplies at MyTurtleStore.com and you’ll find everything you need. They are omnivorous and they do well with our turtle foods. These turtles have great personalities and are extremely unique looking.        

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