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Baby Red Ear Slider Turtles

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**Please Be Advised- No Red Ear Slider Turtles Will Be Shipped To Anyone In The Following States Florida, Virginia, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maine or Oregon.** If you live in one of those states please check out the yellow belly turtles that we sell as an alternative turtle.

Baby Red Ear Slider Turtles for sale at great prices. Boosting that familiar red marking on the sides of their face the baby red ear slider turtle is one of the most popular turtles on the planet. Being born this year they are about the size of a United States Quarter, Active, Healthy and Feeding on our very own Premium Aquatic Baby Turtle Food. You will want to feed them one or two times a day in the water. It is best if you take them from their tank and feed them in a small bowl of room temperature water for about 20 minutes at a time. This will keep your turtle’s filter from having to work harder removing wasted food. It will take the baby red ear slider turtle about 4 to 6 years to reach a size of your hand. These turtles do grow rather quickly so you can start them off in something as small as a 5.5 gallon tank but will find that you will need to move them to a larger tank in very little time. Check out some of the different turtle habitats we have for sale. The baby red ear slider turtle is a great beginner turtle as well as a fine tank mate to many other turtles and even fish. Be sure to check out all the other turtle and tortoise products from makers like Zoo Med, Zilla, Exo-Terra, Fluker and Other known manufactures. Remember a turtle with good water filtration, lighting from a quality 5.0 uva/uvb bulb, a nice basking platform where the turtle can get out of the water dry itself off and bask itself under the uva/uvb bulb. Along with a proper diet, and a turtle can be with you for a very long time. Always remember to wash your hands with soap and water after handling your turtle. Turtles less than 4 inches in shell length are sold for scientific, educational or export purposes only. MyTurtleStore.com only ships its turtles and tortoises out using Ups next day air and 2 day air. Shipping is available anywhere in the United States and all of our turtles come with a free 10-day health guarantee. We are sure you will love the baby red ear slider turtles for sale here.



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