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Juvenile Pink Bellied Side Neck Turtle

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Pink Bellied Side Neck Turtles are considered to be the most elegant and colorful of all the side neck turtle species. They have beautiful pink bellies, a dark shell, and yellow stripes behind their eyes. The bright markings will fade a little as these exquisite turtles mature. Pink Bellied Side Neck Turtles are somewhat shy and skittish, but can be a hardy species when taken care of properly. They love to bask, so it’s important that they have a good light and heat source, which you can find at This species tends to eat voraciously in captivity and will eat snails, fish, insects and worms as well as leafy greens, fruits, aquatic plants and our turtle foods. Just let us know at if you have any questions! Size: Currently our Juvenile Pink Belly Side Neck Turtles are 2 to 3 inches.