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Leopard Tortoises

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Captive breeding programs are successfully producing an exciting number of Leopard tortoises, one of the most beautiful species of tortoise in the world. Leopard tortoises have striking yellow and black speckled shells and grow large (10 to 18” in length) and heavy (up to 30 pounds). They require warm, arid conditions to thrive in captivity. The hardy offspring from captive breeding programs are providing hobbyists with an increasingly popular pet tortoise. In this new book expert tortoise breeders Richard and Jerry Fife present insights into the captive care and breeding of this marvelous species. Included is detailed information on indoor and outdoor enclosures, proper feeding and nutrition, breeding, egg incubation, care of young tortoises, and health information for all levels of keepers. The Fifes also provide a fascinating look into the lives of Leopard tortoises in nature from their extensive travels in Africa . ABOUT THE AUTHORS Richard and Jerry Fife are brothers who were raised in Phoenix , Arizona and are passionate about tortoises. They have spent many enjoyable hours studying and collecting desert reptiles. They have traveled to many parts of the world, including South Africa , to see these fascinating animals that they have championed. While there they were able to study and photograph the lives of leopard tortoises. Jerry is a CPA and lives in Phoenix . He maintains a large tortoise collection and has successfully bred leopard tortoises and other species. He also works with a number of lizard species including veiled chameleons, rhinoceros iguanas, Angel Island chuckwallas, Uromastyx species, bearded dragons, and various geckos. Jerry loves embarking on wildlife expeditions around the world. He is a frequent speaker at herpetological societies and has a growing list of articles and publications. Richard is employed by the City of Sierra Vista, Arizona and also operates Riparian Farms, a reptile breeding facility, with his wife, Lark. Richard has gained much of his reptile husbandry experience while he was employed as the Assistant Curator of Reptiles at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville , Texas in the late 1970s. Richard is the proud producer of the “Ivory Tortoise”, a dark-eyed albino form of the African spurred Tortoise, Geochelone sulcata . He has also spoken at symposia and conferences throughout the United States as well as Europe and South Africa . He has written numerous articles and continually works with government agencies to promote the reptile hobbyists and their concerns.

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