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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Docks

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Product Description


Give your turtle the perfect place to bask with the Zoo Med Floating Turtle Dock. This unique floating dock is a self-leveling construction that automatically adjusts to the water levels in your tank. The submerged ramp enables your turtles to easily access a dry basking area where they are able to receive maximum light exposure to UVB and heat lamps. The Turtle Dock can be used in tanks up to 40 gallons in size. has all your turtle and tortoise accessories to help you build the ultimate turtle habitat. Call us at 1-800-277-9286 if you have any questions!


Product Dimensions:

Mini: 9.5 x 5.8 x 2.6 inches

Small: 11.4 x 5 x 2.8 inches

Medium: 15.7 x 7.4 x 2.9 inches

Large: 18 x 9 x 2.9 inches