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Tortoise Food And Treats


At you will find a large array of tortoise foods for sale at the lowest prices. Guaranteed, we stand behind every tortoise product we sell. All of the tortoise food for sale has been tested, tried and true by our customers as well as others from around the world. We offer tortoise foods and tortoise treats from makers like Zoo Med Laboratories, Nature Zone, KayTee, SunSations and others. We also sell tortoise terrarium dishes, calcium for strong shells and bones, hays & grasses. Tortoises need to be feed a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, grasses and commercially produced tortoise foods on a daily basis. We feed our tortoises two times a day, once in the morning and once again in the evening.  In the mornings our staff will feed a diet of our premium tortoise pellets dusted with Rep Cal Calcium, then in the evens our staff will feed chopped fresh green leafy vegetables again dusted with Rep Cal calcium. We offer our tortoises a treat 3 times per week, it maybe Zilla Reptile Munchies or Zoo Meds Tropical Fruit Mix-ins Papaya or Red Banana or any of the great tortoise foods found here. Some of our tortoises love timothy hay as a treat.  Check the specific tortoise page for ideas on what to feed your type of tortoise. If you like check out our Zoo Med 10-inch Feeding Tongs, they make hand feeding baby tortoises a pleasure. We even have tortoise salad dressing for that extra special tortoise of yours.  All of the products we sell are shipped throughout the United States using Ups Next Day, 2-Day or Ground Services.  If you have tortoises no matter if it is a baby tortoise, juvenile tortoise or even adult tortoise, you will find the right tortoise food for sale here on our web site.