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  • 10 Gallon Desert Tortoise Set Up Now With Free Shipping
  • Zilla Mini Halogen Bulb 25 Watt Red
  • Zilla Canopy Series Desert Bulb 20 Watt.
  • Zilla Bark Bend Hide Medium
  • Zilla 10 Gallon Glass Critter Cage
  • Zilla Desert Blend Bedding 5 QT.
  • Zilla Heat & UVB Basking Fixture
  • Zoo Med Repti Ramp Water Bowl Small
  • Zoo Med Reptisafe 2oz.
  • Zoo Med Repticare Timer
  • Zoo Med Repti Rock Food Dish Small
  • Zoo Med High Range Thermometer
  • Zoo Med Tortoise Block
  • Premium Tortoise Pellets
  • Cactus
  • Tortoise Book

10 Gallon Desert Tortoise Set Up Now With Free Shipping

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Product Description

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Our 10 Gallon Desert Tortoise Set Up comes with everything you need to properly house the following tortoises:

Sulcata Tortoise, Leopard Tortoise, Indian Star Tortoise.


The set up comes with the following items:


10 Gallon Glass Critter Cage

Sliding Screen Cover

Zilla Heat & UVB Fixture                        

Zilla Canopy Series Desert UVB Bulb 20 watt        

Zilla Min Halogen 25-watt Night Red      

Zoo Med Repticare Timer                        

½ lb. Premium Tortoise Food                                              

Tortoise Book                                          

Bark Bend Hide                                   

Zilla Desert Blend 5Qt.                             

Repti Safe 2oz.                                                                        

Repti Rock Food Dish Small  


Repti Ramp Water Bowl Small                   


Zoo Med Tortoise Block                           

Zoo Med High Range Thermometer          


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