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  • Desert Tortoise Mini Set Up Habitat.
  • Tortoise Tank included in the mini tortoise habitat setup.
  • You get tortoise food in the mini tortoise habitat setup.
  • zilla uva/uvb bulb included in tortoise setup.
  • Mini tortoise habitat setup with screen cover.
  • Mini tortoise set up ground bedding.
  • Tortoise book included in mini tortoise habitat set up.
  • Replacement bulb for mini tortoise set up.
  • Mini Heat & UVB Light Fixture included in mini tortoise setup.
  • Mini Tortoise Set Up Food Dish Included.
  • Hide for your tortoise in mini tortoise set up.
  • Cactus included in the mini tortoise habitat setup.

Mini Glass Desert Tortoise Set Up

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Product Description

This all glass mini desert tortoise setup comes with everything needed to keep your new baby desert tortoise.

Examples of desert tortoises are "Sulcata or Leopard Tortoises"

Its a nice little setup that will easily fit on a bedroom dresser or night stand.

Tank Size 20 in. x 10 in. x 8 in.

Setup Includes:

Deep Blue 10BR All Glass Tank With Sliding Locking Screen Cover

Zilla Cubby Box


1/2lb. Premium Tortoise Food

Zilla Heat & UVB Light Fixture

Desert Blend Tank Substrate 5Qt.

Zoo Med Feeding Dish

Tortoises care book

Zilla Desert Mini Compact Bulb

Zilla Mini Halogen Bulb Night Red 50Watt.

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