• Alfalfa Hay 15oz

    AlFalfa Hay 15oz

    Alfalfa Hay is a high-fiber legume hay with the same long-strand fiber found in grass hays, but with more protein, energy and calcium. This hay is perfect for young or lactating animals that need...

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  • Orchard Grass Hay 15oz Orchard Grass

    Orchard Grass

    Orchard Grass provides a natural alternative source of fiber for tortoises. Orchard grass is a sweet, fruity scented high fiber hay that aids in the digestive process of tortoises. Feeding orchard...

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  • Timothy Hay Feed daily to support a healthy digestive system. Harvested fresh and packaged for sale.

    Western Timothy Hay 15oz

    A highly nutritious grass that provides an excellent source of long strand fiber without excess protein. Sweet grass is harvested in the summer, giving it a sweeter taste, finer stem and softer...

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