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Turtle and Tortoise Health Guarantee

MyTurtleStore.com has one of the strongest Turtle and Tortoise Health Guarantees in the Industry. The staff here has over 45 years combined experience working with turtles and tortoises. Our turtles and tortoises are of the highest quality and we back their health for a full 10 days after you receive them. Most other reptile websites only offer a 7-day guarantee if any at all. But at MyTurtleStore.com if your turtle or tortoise should die within the first 10 days of having it, we will issue you a store credit in the amount of the purchase price of the turtle or tortoise only.

If the turtle or tortoise is delivered dead or dies within the first 24 hours we will replace the turtle or tortoise free of charge including shipping and processing.

With that said, it is impossible for us to extend this guarantee beyond this point. Your care plays too much a part in a turtle or tortoises ability to thrive beyond the 10-day period. All of the animals are screened by our Herpetology Staff, on a weekly basis. However, this in no way guarantees anything beyond what the naked eye may detect. If you have any concerns regarding the health of your turtle or tortoise you should immediately seek the assistance of a qualified veterinarian. We do not assume any responsibility for your desire to seek such assistance. In the unlikely event that a turtle or tortoise should perish within our 10 day health guarantee we will issue you a store credit for the cost of the animal. The store credit can be used at any time to cover the cost of a replacement or substitute animal(s). Please note all shipping fees are nonrefundable unless your animal was d.o.a or dies within 24 hours of delivery. The validity of our guarantee can only be established via notification within the necessary 10-day period. The 10-day period begins from the time stamp provided by UPS, also referred to as UPS' proof of delivery. Proper notification must be done via the website. To notify us of a guarantee issue simply do the following:


1. Login to account "top right"

2. Once logged in click on view order status on the left hand side.

3. Find your order,

4. Click on view order details.

5. Click on returns request.


Telephone notification cannot be accepted, due to the time restrictions present.