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Pond Turtles for sale

We have 100’s of Pond Turtles for sale.  Do you have a pond? Turtles will bring your pond to life. You will be amazed at how much of a difference one or two turtles can make in a back yard pond.

We offer one of the largest selections of live pond turtles for sale anywhere in North America.

Some of the pond turtles we have for sale include: Red Ear Slider Turtles, Mississippi Map Turtles, Florida Soft-Shell Turtles, Chinese Golden Thread Turtles, Eastern Musk Turtles, Rio Grande Red Ear Slider Turtles, Florida Red Bellied Turtles, large Common Mud Turtles, Spiny Soft-Shelled Turtles, Peninsular River Cooter Turtles, Common Snapping Turtles, Gorzugi Rio Grande Turtles and more.

The founders of have over 45 years experience in working with aquatic water turtles not only in captivity but also in the wild. Every employee in our shop and at our farms have one thing in common we all love turtles. Every day our team members get out of bed before the sun rises and head into the ponds to feed, tend to and hand select every turtle we sell.  Two times a day our pond turtles are feed a variety of foods. The diet consists of fresh cut leafy greens, premium pond turtle pellets, live feeder fish and occasionally some fresh fruit “without seeds”. All of the pond turtles you see for sale here come with an industry first 10-day health guarantee. We ship all of our animals using Ups air services and can deliver your pond turtles to you anywhere in the United States. If you like ponds and like turtles, you are going to love our pond turtles for sale here.