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Adult Burmese Star Tortoise

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Geochelone platynota The Burmese Star Tortoise you see here for sale is captive breed and only 3 years old. In the wild the Burmese Star Tortoise is the rarest of all the star tortoises and is only found in one place and that is Burma. As with all of our tortoises here they are feeding on our premium tortoise pellets and fresh vegetables daily.

Star Tortoises are strict herbivores that require calcium supplements and a great deal of attention to their diets and habitat. Burmese Star Tortoises need water to drink as well as water to soak in. High-output UV-B full spectrum light is necessary for optimum health in indoor habitats. These exquisite creatures require knowledgeable keepers who understand the vital necessities of the Burmese Star Tortoise.

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