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Baby Peacock Slider Turtles

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Product Description

Hatchling Peacock Slider Turtle


Age Group: Hatchling

Common Name: Peacock Slider Turtle

Scientific Name: Trachemys emolli

Description: Hatchling Peacock Sliders are between 1 and 2 inches in diameter and are significantly brighter than their adult versions. They are a vibrant green with yellowish orange circular markings with a dark spot in the middle. Their skin is an olive green with yellow stripes.

Origin: This species originates from Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Lifespan: Peacock Slider Turtles can live 15-25 years with the proper care.

Habitat in captivity: Hatchling Peacock sliders are well suited to a 10-gal aquarium startup setup. While this is appropriate for a hatchling, these turtles will grow incredibly fast and will need a larger pond habitat that is appropriate to their size as they grow, eventually requiring an environment that is a minimum of 100-gallons as a solitary adult. Other things your turtle will need to do well in your care are:

  • Fluorescent Coil Bulb or Mercury Vapor Bulb is still producing visible light, the quality of UVB will deteriorate with time. As such, a fluorescent coil will need to be replaced every 6 months and the Mercury vapor bulb will need to be replaced annually for your turtle to obtain the proper saturation.
  • Basking Light and UVA – UVA lights are required for turtles to trigger their feeding response. Just as it is important for humans to get proper lighting to keep our biological clocks ticking properly, so too is it important for your turtle. This should be placed above their basking area and a proper basking temperature in the high 80s to mid-90s for hatchling turtles is required.
  • submersible water heater may be required to raise the temperature to the correct level.
  • Filtration – Despite the hatchlings small size, water filtration is necessary to filter out any toxins or other harmful elements from your turtle’s water and to help avoid frequent water changes which can change the pH of your turtle’s water.
  • Habitat Décor – This is the fun part of turtle care, choosing how it is all laid out. Your turtle’s cage design can be as natural or minimalist as you like as long as the basics are provided. Peacock sliders enjoy a dry basking area which can be provided by a floating platform or built up with rocks and they will use artificial and live plants to hide, climb and bask. Other cage decorations can include substrate, ornaments and Driftwood.

Diet: Peacock sliders are primarily carnivorous as hatchlings and will appear hungry despite being fed 5 minutes ago. Pellets are a convenient food source and are heartily accepted, pellets made by Zilla or ReptoMin are recommended as they are specifically formulated for your turtle and have added supplements to ensure a complete diet. Feeder fish, mealworms, bloodworms and other such sources of protein are also good options for the staple part of your turtle’s diet and they will certainly appreciate the occasional shrimp or two.

Size at adulthood: The average size of an adult is 8-15 inches or more with the females being larger than the males.

Rating: Beginner

Community Turtle: Peacock Sliders are a communal species. When housing multiple hatchlings, a good rule of thumb is to add 10 gallons for every inch of extra turtle.

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