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  • Your turtle will love this basking platform!
  • The perfect basking platform for your turtle!
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Penn Plax Floating Turtle Pier Large

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Product Description

Interact with your turtle in a new way with the Penn Plax Floating Turtle Pier Large. This floating pier gives your turtle a more natural aquatic environment, while enabling you to use more of your tank for water. As the deeper water eliminates many filtration restrictions, your turtle will have a cleaner and more spacious area for swimming. Resting just above the water line of four 12” pylons, your turtle can easily bask outside of the water. Secure the pier to your tank with the suction cups provided on each pylon. The floating pier will naturally rise and fall with the water level of your tank, as low as 3” and up to 12” and your turtle can easily navigate the pier with the docking ramp. Made of durable plastic, the Turtle Pier is easy to assemble and is safe for children and pets. This model is best suited for tanks 20 gallons and larger. Product Dimensions: 11 x 3 x 16 inches. With ramp extended: 16” x 11” x 20”. Can also be extended from 5-1/4” up to 16” high.

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