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Zilla Mini Halogen Bulbs For Tortoises

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Product Description

Zilla Mini Halogen Bulbs save Energy Heat/Light Output Comparison 25 watt Mini Halogen Bulb = 50 to 75 watt incandescent Bulb50 watt Mini Halogen Bulb = 100 to 150 watt incandescent Bulb Saving Energy also saves Money These bulbs are used in the Zilla Halogen Mini Dome Fixture. For many years’ turtle, tortoise and all reptile owners for that matter have struggled with issues in getting quality, safe, inexpensive basking light fixtures and basking light bulbs. Zilla has come out with a great product that not only addresses the issues with basking lights, they also corrected it. The Zilla Light & Heat Halogen Mini Dome is a great new way of getting your turtles or tortoises the basking light they need and where they need it. This fixture “Sold Separately” takes one halogen bulb and will use less energy and produce the same amount of warm basking heat that your animals must have to survive. These Bulbs are available in the following colors and wattages: night red, day blue and day white. All three bulbs are available in 25 watt and 50 watt Fixture sold separately.

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