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Juvenile Peacock Slider Turtle

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Product Description

Juvenile Peacock Slider Turtle

Age Group: Juvenile

Common Name: Peacock Slider Turtle

Scientific Name: Trachemys emolli

Description: Juvenile Peacock Slider Turtles are between 2 and 4 inches in diameter. As your juvenile grows, you will notice that their vibrant colors will start to fade. They are green with yellow to orange circular markings with a dark spot in the middle on their carapace and their skin is an olive green with yellow stripes.

Origin: This species originates from Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Lifespan: Captive Peacock Slider Turtles can live 15-25 years with the proper care.

Habitat in captivity: Juvenile Peacock Sliders can be housed in a 20 to 40 gallon aquarium. They are fantastic swimmers and frequent baskers. Keeping this in mind, here are the things your turtle will need:

  • Coil Bulb or Mercury Vapor Bulb. Remember that the quality of UVB will deteriorate with time. As such, a Coil Bulb will need to be replaced every 6 months and the Mercury vapor bulb will need to be replaced annually for your turtle to obtain the proper saturation.
  • Basking Light and UVA – UVA and basking encourages proper digestion, feeding responses and behavior. A light should be placed above their basking area and a proper basking temperature in the high 80s is required.
  • submersible water heater to reach proper temperature levels.
  • Filtration – Harmful toxins and ammonia can build up in unclean water. Offer your turtle good water filtration to filter these out.
  • Habitat Décor – For the most part, decorations are up to your personal preference. Your turtle’s cage design can be as natural or minimalist as you like as long as the basics are provided. Peacock sliders enjoy a dry basking area which can be provided by a floating platform and they will use artificial and live plants to hide, climb and bask. Other cage decorations can include substrate, ornaments and Driftwood.

Diet: Juvenile Peacock Slider Turtles are making the transition from their carnivorous younger selves to a more balanced omnivore. Pellets are a convenient food source and are heartily accepted. Try pellets made by Zilla or ReptoMin, they are specifically formulated for your turtle and have added supplements to ensure a complete diet. Feeder fish, mealworms, bloodworms and other such sources of protein are also good options for the staple part of your turtle’s diet and they will certainly appreciate the occasional shrimp or two. You can also feed them romaine lettuce and various water plants. They will even try some fruit on occasion.

Size at adulthood: Females are larger than males, with adults averaging a size of 8 to 15 inches

Rating: Beginner

Community Turtle: Peacock Sliders are a communal species. When housing multiple juveniles, a good rule of thumb is to add 10 gallons for every inch of extra turtle.