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Turtle Tank Light Bulbs

One of the most important things your turtle needs is good Turtle Tank Light Bulbs.  There are two different types of light bulbs a turtle needs to survive and thrive. The first bulb a turtle needs is a Basking Heat Bulb or Heat Emitter. Turtles are from the Reptile Family and cannot produce their own body heat. They use the heat from basking bulbs and heat emitters to regulate their body temperature and digest food.

A basking light bulb should be placed roughly 8 to 12 inches above your turtles basking area. You will find that your turtle will go to the basking area when it is in need of raising its body temperature. The Turtles Basking Area should be heated to 84 through 89 degrees using a quality basking spot bulb. This will allow your turtle to safely and effectively warm its body throughout the day. An infrared basking spot bulb should also be used at night to keep the air in the turtle tank at the right temperature. The second turtle light bulb that is needed is a UVA/UVB Bulb; this is the most important bulb to have for your turtle. In the wild turtles get all of the UVA/UVB rays they need from the sun, but in captivity they must rely on you the turtle owner to provide the proper UVA / UVB Rays. The rays from the UV Bulb will help your turtle with digesting its food properly along with producing vitamin D3 and the absorption of Calcium. Warning not providing UV Rays can cause Shell Deformities, Metabolic Bone Disease and Even Death. UV turtle tank bulbs should be replaced every six months to insure that they are giving off the proper amount of uav/uvb rays. For years of enjoyment from your turtle, be sure to give it the proper turtle tank light bulbs.