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  • Zoo Med Reptisun 5.0 UVB 13 Watt Turtle Bulb
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Zoo Med 5.0 UVB Mini Coil Bulb 13 Watt Water Turtle

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Product Description

ReptiSun 5.0 Mini Coil Bulbs provide your turtle with health-enhancing full-spectrum UVB (5%) and UVA (30%) light. UVB rays help prevent metabolic bone disease, while UVA enhances feeding, mating and other natural behaviours. Because of the use of cool burning mini compact fluorescent bulbs, the need for a separate ballast is eliminated. This lamp may be used vertically or horizontally in your clamp lamp fixture or tank hood and is perfect for Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixtures or Naturalistic Terrarium Hoods.

These types of bulbs work best in the following types of fixtures:

Zilla Dual Bulb Fixture Click Here

Zilla Premium Reflector Domes Click Here

Zoo Med Deluxe Porcelain Clamp Lamp Click Here

Zoo Med Mini Combo Deep Dome Light Fixture Click Here

Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Light Fixture Single Click Here

Product Videos

ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Light Bulb Review Plus Deep Dome Fixture 02:29

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